Friday, August 28, 2015

Fall Update

As you all know, I'm starting college this fall.

Actually, I'm starting college today. Like, the day this is being published.

And as you already know, I'm attending Yale out in New Haven, Connecticut, miles away from home. Unfortunately for my parents (and me), we live close enough to take on the 14 hour drive, but far enough where weekend trips home are not a possibility.

College is going to bring a lot of new changes for me. For starters, I have to share not just a bedroom, but a suite with three awesome suitemates. I also have to share a bathroom (ugh).

Gif via Know Your Meme
Contrary to popular belief, college isn't just a place you go to party for four years. It's a place where you go to grow and mature, learn the skills of a profession or trade, and prepare to embark on your journey as a contributing member of society (and party). 

As you imagine, I'll be super busy with all that colleging this first semester. I have no promises as to the regularity of blog posts. For now, I will try to post every Friday rather than every Tuesday and Friday. If I have the time to generate extra material, I'll post on Tuesdays as well, so stay tuned to my social media (@stepiksayshi on Twitter and Instagram) for notifications on my postings.

To all of you in college, good luck on first semester! Y'all are gonna slay! To those of you in high school, good luck on these important last steps before whatever you choose to do later! Ciao!

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