Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Feminist Dorm Room

If you're the same age as me, you're probably about to move off into your college dorm (or you might already be there)! Will I do a dorm tour here on the blog? Maybe, depending on how long it takes me to get my room in check. But even if a dorm tour never surfaces, at least you'll get my feminist dorm decor tips!

As my roommate said, a room just isn't a room without its fair share of feminist wall-hangings. She's completely right. Like, why wouldn't you cover your walls with beautifully ironic items that simultaneously vouch for gender equality? And contrary to popular belief, it's not that expensive or difficult to convert your dorm room into a feminist haven. There are plenty of feminist decor DIYs on the interwebs (or create your own; feminism prides creative expression!). Plus, it's a good excuse to further develop your BFF relationship with Etsy. 

Here are a few items I think are the perfect touch for any budding man-hater's bedroom.

For the scientist

Poster via Look Human

Pillow via Look Human
For all you science gals, there are plenty of items out there celebrating women in science, or the STEMinist movement. You can go basic with just a STEMinist poster (there's also a mug available) or get a throw pillow celebrating Ada Lovelace, the founder of modern computing! Take advantage of Look Human's promotional sales right now to buy your gear.

For the Womanist

Print via Jade and Serif

Mug via IngenioBoutique
Feminism should celebrate girls of all races and ethnicities, so why not show some dark girl pride in the dorm as well? The Womanist movement has spawned some amazing (and affordable) art. Show some love for historic icons with this Sojourner Truth print, or take pride in natural, black hair with this mug (bonus: this mug was made by a mom earning some extra money to cover her girl's college expenses via Etsy!)

For the ironic misandrist

Mousepad via Cafe Press
Cross-stitch via Nasty Grandma

Flask via Zazzle
Warning: these are not for the faint of heart. These items are for the staunch lover of irony who has no fears of alienating men in the near future because they know that any man they should encounter that is worth their time will find this funny. Embrace your inner misandrist with some misandrist printed decor such as a cross-stitch*, a flask (good for college parties if you don't want to drink but want to look like you're drinking), and a mousepad. 

*Hint: if you know how to embroider/cross-stitch, make your own embroider hoop message! That's what I did.

For anybody who thinks equal rights are awesome

Sticker via Modern Girl Blitz

Pillow via Look Human

Pillow by Furious Feminist
And here are just a few decor ideas that can suit any feminist, regardless of their preferences! And yes I like pillows, who doesn't? 

A lot of the time, when you're buying feminist art, you're supporting feminist activist/creators not just by spreading their message but by giving them the financial security to continue their activism and to continue to pursue their passions. It's like killing two birds with one stone: support your fellow feminists, and get an awesome dorm room to boot!

If you decide to add a feminist touch to your dorm/bedroom, post your pictures on social media and tag me using #theyouthemisms so I can see your lovely decor ideas!

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