Friday, July 10, 2015

Chit Chattin: Ellie

My wonderful picture of Aladdin Sane (David Bowie)

SS: Today instead of a normal blog post, we're having a conversation with my friend Ellie.

EK: I'm really excited for this blog post.

SS: Me too. <3. I like what you have to say and you're pretty interesting and our conversations are weird and interesting. So here we are in my messy bedroom, post (12 hour)craft bonanza, listening to David Bowie and talking. Hopefully we can make a series out of this.

EK: Me too! Series can continue indefinitely, much like the "Young and the Restless" and the like.

SS: And "Downton Abbey." Even after they kill the best characters.

EK: Sybil! I'm literally dead from that episode. What are we talking about, Steph? Cause I like talking about things. Weren't we going to talk about music? Isn't that the overall theme? Ugh and you're sitting and I'm lying here with my face smushed in your bed.

SS: ...

EK: Omg that was like stream of consciousness we're basically Faulkner. Don't write that.

SS: Sorry I did. It was too good.

EK: So, music.

SS: So, music. What do we have to say about music?

EK: Probably more than anyone cares to here us say.

SS: We were talking about weird alternative lyrics.

EK: What was my favorite one earlier?

SS: It was "A friend told me they put nicotine in the apples," from Courtney Barnett.

EK: Yeah, I also like "Blue, blue, electric blue, that's the color of my room where I would live." That's kind of a weird one.

SS: Ugh this Spotify ad is killing my vibe.

EK: This Spotify ad is killing my vibe, or Steph's vibe, or maybe we have the same vibe.

SS: We actually might have the same vibe. Considering we got the same tea today and everything. And we both didn't wear Bowie shirts to the Fourth of July because we both thought it was unpatriotic.

EK: And we both called corn majestic.

SS: That's how we know we're from the Mid West.

EK: Mid West, Mid Best. Okay on music again, "Song for Bob Dylan" is the reason Hunky Dory is not my favorite David Bowie album (we're listening to it right now).

SS: Yeah, but Hunky Dory is still my solid number three.

EK: It's my number 2, after Ziggy. Hunky Dory has the best opening of an album. It has "Changes," "Oh, You Pretty Things!" and "Life on Mars" in the first four tracks.

SS: No Ziggy Stardust has the best opening! It's so good!

EK: No Ziggy has the best song and the best closing! But wait, "Five Years" opens Ziggy...Ugh that's pretty good too! But not as good as Hunky Dory?

SS:  It's more cohesive than Hunky Dory. I like that.

EK:  Wait it's "Five Years," "Soul Love," "Moorage Daydream," and "Starman." Okay I guess Ziggy can get the best opening because the third track is better than on Hunky Dory. We have too many feelings about this, Steph.

SS: We do, that's why we're awesome, and also why nobody really reads this blog, eh? Well, okay, like 30 people read it.

EK: That's more people than who read my Tumblr.

SS: Who reads on Tumblr?

EK: Me. 

SS: Well then. 

EK: Let's talk about Lollapalooza, now that we've had a short, brief discussion about David.

SS: Yes, let's. And about how pissed we are that Stream won't be there anymore.

EK: Ugh Stromae! Okay let's talk about who we're excited to see so that we're not super negative even though we were super sad when we found out that Stromae won't be there. Deep breaths, Steph, deep breaths.

SS: (Pretending to be Stromae) Ooooh Formidable! I can't French. That was a marvelous hair whip, by the way.

EK: I think it was a pretty good one, top ten hair flips by the way.

SS: Anyways, Lolla. I'm so excited for Florence and the Machine. She is literally my girl crush.

EK:  "What Kind of Man" is my song right now. I play it on repeat. I don't know why, it's just great. That whole album just is.

SS: I think that every Florence album is beautifully written.

EK: I wasn't Florence fan before this album.

SS: I think this is very different. It's definitely more grounded and tangible than previous albums, with a stronger rock feel. But you can still tell it's Florence by the vocals and by the religiously and mythologically themed lyrics. This is also the album that establishes her more as a solo singer with a backup band than as a band. Okay that was my spiel.

EK: We're pretty excited about George Ezra. Mostly because our friend M. wants to marry him.

SS: We'll stalk him and make sure he gives her a ring.

EK: I'm excited about Circa Waves but I'm not going to be there. I really liked their EP.

SS: Don't worry I'll record them for you. I'm just excited that the stage Florence is on on Sunday is the pretty much the same stage for all the acts that I want to see.

EK: Yeah and George! George and I are on a first name basis.

SS: Aren't we all?

EK: We're seeing Of Monsters and Men and Twenty One Pilots. Sunday's just a good day. We're also pumped for Alt-J and Tame Impala.

SS: I can't wait to see the Alabama Shakes. And to throw my bra at Brittany Howard. That is just a joke but she's a boss ass female and literally the coolest person ever.

EK: Except for David. 

SS: Well yeah there's always David. He's the best. I think we should wrap up. It's like 10:30 at night and I've been awake for 12 hours which is an abomination because no coffee was involved today. Thanks for chatting with me, Ellie! We should do this again soon!

EK: Thanks for having me! This is fantastic, we just got to rant about music!

SS: Yeah for sure! Well, till next time!

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