Tuesday, July 28, 2015


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We've all been there...we brought our laptops in bed for some quality one on one time before bed, and pretty soon it was 4 A.M. and we've wasted all night scrolling through the rabbit hole that is Tumblr. 

Guess what, I'm going to fuel that passion.

Sorry, but vamping is pretty fun. Especially during the summer, when you can justify going to bed when the sun rises and awakening at the crack of dusk for a night out with friends. And even if you exercise a good deal of self restraint and just take the occasional internet trip in the mild afternoon, I can guarantee you that the following sites can keep you occupied for hours.

Little Alchemy: Little Alchemy is a brilliant little internet game that will literally keep you occupied for hours, or until you beat the game. Starting with only four elements-fire, water, earth, and air-you have to make creative mixtures of two elements at a time to make all 540 elements in the game. There's a handy dandy hint section if you absolutely must figure out how to make a jedi (yes that's an element) this very moment, but it's pretty fun to figure out on your own. 

Yass Cat: If you haven't yet seen the Yass Cat, you've been living under a rock (yes you are Patrick Star). The only thing better than the Yass Cat is...A FIVE MINUTE LOOP OF THE YASS CAT. You can thank me after your five minutes of uncontrollable laughter.

StumbleUpon: A site literally designed for the intellectual vamper, StumbleUpon allows you to pretty much stumble upon the gems of the internet. Essentially, the site sends you to random websites and based on your response (you can give a site a thumbs up or thumbs down) it tailors future sites to your taste. It also let's you refine the randomness a little by searching within just a certain discipline or by making a preselected list of disciplines that interest you.

Buzzfeed: Buzzfeed is my ultimate internet bae. Between its multiple Youtube channels and online quizzes, Buzzfeed puts out a lot of hilarious content on the internet. The site also reports on viral stories as well as serious news, building pages and pages of interesting internet things to pore through. Buzzfeed makes the internet rabbit hole a real problem.

Sporcle: This is your way to play out every high school fantasy about winning the Scholastic Bowl State Championships from the privacy of your own bedroom. Sporcle is an amazing online quiz sites with quizzes ranging from geography to Harry Potter character quizzes. I dare you to spend less than an hour on this site. 

Geoguessr: Satisfy your inner wanderlust with Geoguessr. Geoguessr drops you in a random place on the Earth (you can refine it to continent/country/etc. if you want) and by navigating through the streets in a Google Street View type way, you have to guess where you are. Available in both single player and challenge mode, this is the perfect way to travel the world without leaving your bed.

Here are just a few of my favorite ways to get lost on the internet. Hope you enjoy!

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